About US

About Us

     Billionairecoin is a community where participants can participate to achieve their dreams. In here we use The Power Of Dream + The Power Of Giving + The Power Of Love. The goal in here is not money, the goal is we want to make our dreams come true, make fair financial system, make financial freedom, live in the beautiful world with our biggest family (Billionairecoin Family).



     It is the future of crypto currency that can exchange to Bitcoin instantly. The real value of Billionairecoin is participants accept it, growing of Billionairecoin community. We need 1M participants accept billionairecoin, so we will launch billionairecoin in PUBLIC. And all people a round the world is owner of this asset.


Billioncoin Ideology

     Long time a go that we live without gold and dreams, Long time a go that your dreams can't achieve. But from now on your goal and your dreams will be come true "everything you think is on your hand". In billionairecoin you will find many good leader that have experiences that can lead you to achieve your goal and dreams. In Billionairecoin we the use the law of atraction to atract everything that you want.